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IWalk Jewish Resistance in Amsterdam
5 MAY 2023
Attention! This event has already passed.
What do you know about Jewish resistance? Join the IWalk 'Jewish resistance in Amsterdam' and discover the stories of the old Jewish quarter.

This is a part of Amsterdam where Jewish history is intimately intertwined with the city’s history. A neighbourhood where much took place during World War II – exclusion, raids and deportations – from which the majority of Amsterdam’s Jews could not escape. But besides the well-known stories, this neighbourhood also experienced something else: risky acts of Jewish resistance, which sometimes took place in secret and sometimes in public. Want to know more about Jewish resistance in Amsterdam? Then join this IWalk.

An IWalk is a historical walk, based on testimonial videos, that you follow via an app. You discover a piece of local history as you walk around a neighbourhood and listen to personal stories about events that happened there. Step back in time with this IWalk.

Practical Information

The IWalk can be downloaded free via (Android and iOS).

The walk is suitable for children aged 13+.

IWalk Jewish Resistance in Amsterdam
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5 MAY 2023
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