The Amsterdam 4 and 5 May Committee coordinates a varied program for and by Amsterdam residents. Below you can read a brief introduction to the program components.

Silent March

Since the end of World War II, Amsterdam residents have been organizing silent marches. On their way to the commemoration, a group of people form a reverent procession in which no words are spoken.

Photo: Mascha Jansen

Open Jewish Homes / Homes of Resistance

Open Jewish Homes / Homes of Resistance is an annual program of speaking commemorations. Storytellers, visitors and residents share stories in homes where people lived and worked during and just after World War II.

Photo: Sven Jacobs


Amsterdam has about 50 local commemorations. Each district and neighborhood has its own commemoration, with its own theme and traditions.

Photo: Bastiaan Heus

Theater na de Dam

For years, Theater Na de Dam has organized performances and shows throughout the country after the National Remembrance Day that focus on World War II.


Meals of Freedom

The core of the Meals of Freedom is a special meeting at the dinner table, where guests discuss historical and social themes such as freedom and unfreedom. Themes that we may not dwell on enough in everyday life, and that there is momentum for on Liberation Day par excellence.

Liberation Day

During Liberation Day, Amsterdam turns into one big party. With festivals and stages scattered throughout the city and more than a hundred Freedom Meals, we celebrate the liberation of the Netherlands in 1944-45 to be remembered.

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