In Response
5 MEI 2019
12:00 — 20:00
Artist studio
Let op! Dit event is al verstreken.

For this year Vrijheidsmaaltijd we would like to invite people to participate “In Response” performance in our studio at Bilderdijkstraat 9. We see the future of the Family Amsterdam as an interconnectedness of people of different cultures, interests and professions.

“In Response” is the participatory performance during which, people will fall into observing, moving, drawing, communicating and composing. People will see things from different perspectives, play with lines, structures, shapes. Different parts of the body will be involved in drawing: both hands, feet, face. Together we want to create a reality, in which one can look beyond the image and connect with the space and each other through the drawing.

After the performance we all have a meal together.

People are welcome to take their drawings home.

All the ingredients are organic and vegan, the most universal diet letting everyone participate.

Time slots



Amount of participants per performance: 8 people


Entrance:  pay what you want
Reservations:  daycollective@gmail.com

“Reading insights through another diffractively is about experimenting with different patterns of relationality, opening things up, turning them over and over again, to see how the patterns shift. This is not about solving paradoxes or synthesizing different points or view from the outside, as it were, but rather about the material intra-implication of putting oneself at risk, troubling oneself, one’s ideas, one’s dreams, all the different ways of touching and being in touch, and sensing the differences and entanglements from within ” – Karen Barad

In Response
5 MEI 2019
12:00 — 20:00
Artist studio
Bilderdijkstraat 9
Onderdeel van Vrijheidsmaaltijden
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