Freedom Talks
5 MEI 2023
12:00 — 14:30
Let op! Dit event is al verstreken.
CREA maakt samen met AISA en ASVA een evenement waar we onze vrijheid kunnen vieren.

The 5th of May is a day where we traditionally celebrate the freedom we experience in The Netherlands since liberation day (1945). This freedom is a luxury not all of us have. That is why CREA teamed up with AISA and ASVA to create an event where we can simultainiously celebrate our freedom through live drawing and sharing our stories.
Drop by between 12.00 and 14.30 for free soup, a live drawing workshop, student speakers, inspiring talks and a keynote speech.

Keynote: Janne Calis from Amnesty International NL
Janne has been working at Amnesty International the Netherlands for several years. Currently she is active in the ‘Right to Protest Campaign’, focusing on how protesting is being increasingly repressed around the world, but also here in the Netherlands.

Justin – student speaker
Justin is a student from Hong Kong finishing his degree in communication. He has worked with Amnesty International and various activist organisations in the Netherlands to raise awareness of human rights violations around the globe. His academic interests also lie within the intersection of human rights, migrations and algorithms.

Ben Koponen – student speaker
Ben is a student from Sweden and the U.S. finishing his Masters in Political Theory. He has conducted numerous journalistic interviews on subjects on false imprisonments, corporate corruption, and race. His interests include poetry, decolonial theories, and discriminatory discourses.

Oleksandra Diakonova – student speaker
Ukrainian student at PPLE College, UvA. Coordinator of the international «Unissued Diplomas» project in Amsterdam. Activist, participant and coordinator of several social initiatives. Candidate to the Central Student Council from the «INTER» party.

Shahin Daoud – CREA teacher & workshop giver
Shahin is a self expressionist artist. He combines traditional techniques with collage and mixed media in order to fragmentize the surface. None of his work can exist without the tension between the figure facing the viewer and the abstract, one-dimensional background. Much of his work has been informed by the experience of his childhood, growing up amidst social struggles.

Free Freedom soup
Freedom Meals are organised across the country on 5 May. At the heart of the Freedom Meal is a special meeting at the dinner table, where guests talk about freedom and unfreedom: themes you don’t dwell on every day and which are ideally worth paying attention to on Liberation Day.
Freedom Soup (after TV chef London Loy’s recipe) will be served at CREA.

The keynote speech starts 12.00 and the free soup will be served throught the event. Feel free to drop by and celebrate with us! 

AISA is one of thirteen Amnesty Student Groups in the Netherlands which connect young people willing to come together and take action for human rights. As a daughter organization of Amnesty International – the world’s largest human rights movement – we work by the same values of justice, fairness, truth, and freedom. 

ASVA Student Union is the biggest student organisation in Amsterdam. ASVA represents the interests of students of both UvA and AUAS (HvA). The quality and accessibility of education are the priorities.


Freedom Talks
5 MEI 2023
12:00 — 14:30
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
Onderdeel van Vrijheidsmaaltijden
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